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Situated on a pristine wetland preserve, this corporate headquarters in greater Chicago has a long history of manufacturing quality products for a wide variety of customers in the U.S. and Canada.

On a recent visit to their headquarters, a new customer commented on the pastoral-like surroundings: so close to the city, yet seemingly so far from the “insane pace of business.” As they returned from lunch, this company’s President remembers his customer’s passing comment: “…what are you gonna put over there?”

The fresh eyes of a customer had indeed taken note of the area between the parking lot and the building’s entrance — a dead space which had no purpose … and even less appeal.

The President heard his customer. The building – and more importantly, customers’ perception of their business – could be smartly and gracefully enhanced with the simple addition of a few site furnishings.

They were interested in a simple solution that reflected a substantial but soulful business concern – and one situated on a waterfront. Their research quickly revealed the new portfolio of commercial planters by DEZIGNLINE™. The RIVIK™ planters fit their budget, desired aesthetic, and timeline.

The President now quips, “We couldn’t be more pleased at how this all came together: one customer’s innocent comment spurred a relatively low cost but high value investment to our property. Pretty cool.”

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