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DEZIGNLINE™ is committed to designing physical barrier solutions that enhance safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. We are dedicated to assisting communities whose Active Transportation and Mobility efforts are focused on planning and implementing infrastructure that encourages bicycling and walking in safe, protected and comfortable environments.

Communities want inventive solutions that offer robust protection, are rapidly deployable in new or retrofit conditions, function as permanent or temporary installations, and allow for storm water drainage.

Communities expect systems that are quick and easy to install, are durable, adjustable, reusable, cost effective and low maintenance.



Design innovative, rapidly-deployable, cost-effective systems that physically separate vehicular traffic from bike lanes and pedestrian zones … and provide a robust level of protection for bicyclists and pedestrians.


In 2016, DEZIGNLINE and Dero Bike Rack Company formed a collaborative partnership based on common goals and objectives. The two organizations share a commitment to deliver new solutions that improve safety and comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians in municipal, commercial and academic environments.

DEZIGNLINE designs bike and pedestrian safety infrastructure solutions, and Dero now fabricates and distributes them throughout the U.S. and Canada.



Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, DEZIGNLINE™ was opened in 2015 as a boutique design firm specializing in safety infrastructure. Founder and CDO (Chief Design Officer) Howard M. Merriam/ASLA, was trained as a landscape architect, and has designed products and solutions for the public realm for over 35 years. His background includes Project Management with URS Corporation’s Minneapolis Planning & Urban Design Studio, and spearheading the design/development of Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth, Minnesota. As Director of Urban Design & Planning for the City of Northfield, Minnesota, Howard actively managed, coordinated and directed all City projects related to public open-space planning, including design initiatives associated with quality-of-life issues. Howard led City Staff on all downtown streetscape and public improvement projects. At Anchor Wall Systems, Howard served as Corporate Landscape Architect where he provided design and creative direction in the development and marketing of new hardscape products. DEZIGNLINE™ is now a team of dedicated professionals whose mission is to deliver products and solutions that help communities make bicycling and walking safer.


The skilled team at Dero proudly declares “We are bike parking nerds.” Real-world insight from their bike-centric lives helps them design innovative, high-quality and functional bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day. They take pride in their American-made craftsmanship, sustainable practices, excellent customer service, and expertise in bike parking, bike storage, public bike repair, and streetscape amenities. DEZIGNLINE’s bicycle and pedestrian safety infrastructure has been a natural extension of Dero’s portfolio of quality, thoughtful products.

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