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Protected bike lane products that improve safety and mobility for all bicyclists … by design.

Urban Biking Is Trending …

Painted buffer zones delineate bike lanes, but offer no material protection for bikers.

DEZIGNLINE Is Responding.

Physical barriers both define the bike lane space and provide various levels of protection for bikers.

Dezignline Protected Bikeway


A comprehensive portfolio of Protected Bikeway and Protected Intersection solutions, comprised of cost-effective, modular components featuring:

  • High level of protection, comfort and safety — resulting in an enhanced biking experience.
  • Functionality and durability with an appropriate, appealing aesthetic.
  • Simplicity of configuration and installation: rapidly implementable, and easy to assemble, move, remove, or relocate (accommodates emergency vehicle access, temporary road construction, street events, etc.).
  • Range of products meeting minimal-to-robust system needs and related budgets.
  • Seamless enhancement/expansion/upgrade of system using modular components that offer mix-match-combine flexibility to meet budget, space, configuration, and reconfiguration needs.
  • Opportunity for design equity and continuity among city projects with varying budgets.
  • Semi-customization to promote area/zone identity.
  • Reduced, simplified maintenance: replace, remove or repair by section, as needed.
  • Design by a USA small business.
  • Quality, USA-made, AASHTO-compliant materials.

To view the entire DEZIGNLINE portfolio of Protected Bikeway Solutions, Contact Us.

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